Studio 54
William Armstrong/Public Domain

Brooklyn Museum To Open A Studio 54 Exhibit

Following in the avant-garde visual/musical landscape style of their 2018 David Bowie tribute, The Brooklyn Museum is paying homage to one of the most famous and groundbreaking Discotheques in a new exhibit to open this Friday.

Running from March 13th through July 5th, 2020, the showcase titled Night Magic traces the incredible history, social politics, and trailblazing aesthetics of New York’s own Studio 54. In a time of political and social unrest, dancers and partygoers of all kinds were able to find a home within the walls of the famed Manhattan club.

Night Magic plans to use photography, fashion, drawings, and film, as well as never-before-seen costume illustrations, set proposals, and designs, to document the nightclub wider context and history of New York. A spotlight will also be placed on the blueprints and architecture models that made Studio 54 one of the most innovative clubs on all time.

Those interested in attending the exhibit should visit the Brooklyn Museum’s official site here.

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Photo: William Armstrong/Public Domain