Boston Bun
Boston Bun Breaks Into Billboard Dance's Top 10 With 'Don't Wanna Dance'

Boston Bun’s ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ Creeps Closer To Top Of Billboard’s Dance Chart

As his debut solo single, Boston Bun‘s “Don’t Wanna Dance” has captivated musicians and listeners alike to earn it this week’s #6* spot on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

The Island Records-released song has so far enjoyed such chart success in part, due to help from fellow dance music heavyweight and Brooklyn native Todd Terry, who took the original and remixed it to his liking, thus creating a fresh take that is guaranteed to get any dance floor sweating. Listen to the new version below.

The initial production is a throwback to the 1970s disco era that made heavy use of exciting and unapologetic vocal samples along with horns and thunderous bass lines. “Don’t Wanna Dance” incorporates all of the above to create a song that utilizes modern techniques to inspire nostalgia in those who hear it. Standing out above the impeccable production are the lyrics “Please don’t try to take me by the hand/ Already told you that you’re not my man/ I don’t need this, you blew your last chance/ Pretty baby, I don’t wanna dance” that pull listeners in and keep them captivated throughout the entire recording. Listen to this week’s #6* track below.

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