After eight long years of silence, the Black Eyed Peas released a new music video this week for their song “Street Livin,’” a new single that is reminiscent of the group’s roots in alternative hip-hop.

Instead of featuring the members’ faces, the video focuses on a series of images that take aim at police brutality, the criminal justice system and immigration policy., Taboo, and (Fergie is taking a break from BEP to promote her solo music) each take the forefront for a verse on “Street Livin,’” which revolves around social issues from DACA to the prison-industrial complex to police brutality.

The video is a change from their time in the dance-pop world, when they were known for hits like 2005′s “My Humps” and 2009′s “I Gotta Feeling.”

“If you black in the hood, you at large / You’re guilty until you prove you’re innocent / If you’re ivory, they treat you different / If you’re ebony, they assume your temperament / Will be vigilant and they call you militant / And you’ll get shot and they’ll say the incident / Is ’cause you’re belligerent, what a coincidence? / Born and bred but you’re still an immigrant,” apl proclaims in his verse.

To see the politically charged video, watch below.

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