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Billboard Celebrates Women In Music, Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa + More

On Thursday’s (December 10th) Billboard Magazine celebrated their 2020 Women in Music event by honoring the likes of Cardi B, Dua Lipa, Jennifer Lopez and others who were given awards based on their works throughout the year and over the course of their careers.

In a nod to her activism and political involvement, Cardi B accepted the night’s biggest honor: Woman of the Year. In her acceptance speech, the New York native touched on the difficulty of focusing on music in a year frought with challenges: “This year, when it came to music, I had so many things planned…. So I’m just grateful and thankful that the song that I actually did put out this year, which was ‘WAP’ featuring Megan Thee Stallion, not only was it an amazing song that broke so many records, but it was a conversation that I never thought was going to be so big.”

Jennifer Lopez was granted Billboard’s Icon Award, expressing gratitude to all of those who’ve contributed to her career. She cited a long list of producers and musical collaborators, from Ric Wake and Max Martin to Marc Anthony, Edgar Barrera and the Rude Boyzz as J-Lo’s mix of humility, business awareness and, of course, artistry have helped define Lopez’s long and rich trajectory. In receiving the Icon Award, the superstar joins a prestigious list of past honorees that include Alanis Morissette, Cyndi Lauper and Mary J. Blige.

Based on her performances and music that dominated streaming, sales and radio, Dua Lipa was credited with the Powerhouse Award. The Albanian-born chanteuse accepted the honor from Senator Bernie Sanders, who first addressed this “unprecedented year” before diving into his admiration for the way in which Lipa adapted to the 2020 changes with her Future Nostalgia album. He gave a nod to her 2017 hit, saying, “She knows the rules have to change, that it is time for new rules.” See her acceptance speech.

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Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg