Sorosh Tavakoli

BBC Investigation Uncovers Racist Content Uploads On Spotify, Apple Music + More

Music streaming giants Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, and others have found themselves embroiled in controversy after a recent BBC investigation unveiled a bank of uploaded content containing white power rhetoric and speeches from infamous leaders.

After learning of the auditory audit and what it exposed, the streaming platforms took immediate action and “removed racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic content from their services,” according to the British Broadcast Company. Civil rights advocate Eric Ward spoke on the matter, stating, “The onus is on streaming platforms to do a better job at monitoring and searching for this music. They simply need to invest more. This is about the credibility of a company and a brand. Brands are important and white power music will damage your streaming brand.”

Spotify’s hateful content policy was updated in 2018, and the discovered uploads were removed and found to be in direct violation. Not the first time the streaming company has come under fire for unsavory repertoire, they previously ended promotion of music from R. Kelly and XXXTentacion in the wake of alarming allegations brought forward against both artists, though their music remains on the service.

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Photo: Sorosh Tavakoli