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Avril Lavigne Unveils 'I Fell In Love With The Devil' Video: Watch

Avril Lavigne Unveils ‘I Fell In Love With The Devil’ Video: Watch

Avril Lavigne kicked off the week with a fresh new music video for “I Fell in Love With the Devil.”

The clip for the self-released track, off of her Head Above Water album, premiered yesterday at noon. Utilizing major emo imagery, the 34-year-old vocalist rocks various elaborate outfits in different dramatic landscapes, such as a graveyard and haunted forest. As the production proceeds, she becomes even closer to the darkness she’s enveloped by.

Lavigne first teased fans with a handful of posts on social media over the weekend – some with images presumably from the clip and others with lyrics from the song – all linking to her YouTube page. The recording itself discusses love, heartbreak and the fallout afterwards before launching into the chorus. “I fell in love with the devil/And now I’m in trouble/I fell in love with the devil/I’m underneath his spell (ah)/Someone send me an angel/To lend me a halo” she sings while playing a piano surrounded by ominous symbols.

Watch the video for Avril Lavigne’s “I Fell in Love With the Devil” below.

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