Ava Max
Ava Max's 'So Am I' Hits #5* On Billboard's Dance Chart

Ava Max Jumps To #35* On Billboard’s Dance Club Songs Chart

Ava Max follows her #1* dance charting debut, ‘Sweet But Psycho” with “So Am I” that glides, effortlessly, into last week’s #35* Billboard Dance Club Songs chart slot.

The Wisconsin-born songstress’s Atlantic Records-released effort contains a message aimed for younger audiences that lets listeners know it’s okay to be themselves. Using herself as an example, Ava sings, “Do you ever feel like a misfit?/ Everything inside of you is dark and twisted/ Oh, but it’s OK to be different/ ‘Cause baby so am I.” And she drives the point home in the official video which shows the “Sweet But Psycho” artist breaking free of society’s constraints and receiving newfound support for her true personality.

“So Am I” received quick and solid support from the club culture community in the form of stellar remixes by the Netherlands-based deep house duo, Deepend, who keep the original composition’s vocals intact while adding a breezy and easily-danceable production. Listen to the fresh take on this week’s #35* song by Ava Max here.

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