Ariana Grande‘s new house-y single “Be Alright” has been receiving more attention than usual, but for different reasons that you’d think. Since its premier when the singer hosted and sang on Saturday Night Live fans couldn’t help but compare the song to electronic artist Mura Masa‘s “Firefly.” In response via what is now a deleted tweet, the emerging producer writes –“yeah I didn’t produce that ariana grande track,” allegedly also calling it a “ripoff” in another.

However, fans of Ariana took to the same social media platforms in defense of the singer. Many claim that Ariana Grande had penned “Be Alright” over a year ago and that there was no way she could have possibly heard his ideas.

Coincidentally enough, one year ago Grande was also accused of borrowing art from Australian group SAFIA, who claimed their video concept for “You Are The One” was very similar to her video for “One Last time.”

In a statement on Facebook, SAFIA goes onto say that “Wouldn’t be the first time uncreative talentless f**ks from big labels and/or big film firms steal ideas from small independent creatives who are trying really hard to make something different for a change.” However, they later concluded that there was “no way of ever proving whether Ariana’s video was influenced by ‘You Are The One’” and admitting that the two music video’s similarities may “genuinely may have just been a coincidence.”

While there are notable differences between “Be Alright” and “Firefly,” such as the fact that “Firefly” features a vocal performance by Nao, another rising pop star, listeners start noticing similarities in both arrangement and production within the first full minute of both tracks.

Here both songs below and decide for yourself.