Alison Wonderland Announces ‘Wonderverse’ Digital Platform + First Event

An upside to the limited number of 2020 in-person concerts has been a significant uptick in ingenuity geared toward delivering music to fans via new, virtual formats. Case in point is Alison Wonderland who bursts into the new year with Wonderverse, a digital setting for interactive shows where anything can happen.

In addition to serving as a platform to watch the Australian EDM DJ/producer perform, Wonderverse will also give access to new music, merchandise, and exclusive behind the scenes content. What’s more, Alison herself will be playing a show via the portal on January 8th.

A fitting kickoff to 2021, Wonderland will host the Wonderverseโ€™s very first concert in an imaginary supernatural, underworld forest complete with spell-casting visuals, and an online space where fans can interact with the artist and each other in real-time.

Here’s the full announcement with $10 tickets on sale here.

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Photo: veeterzy