Alicia Keys will appear on the TODAY show tomorrow morning where she’ll perform “In Common” along with other material from her newest record. Since then, she’s recorded a new single titled “Gramercy Park” depicting her experience with New York. She also recently sat down with Time Magazine to discuss the newest chapter in her life, her ‘make-up free attitude, and parenthood. Check out some of the highlights below.

Beginning a new chapter in her career, Keys claims she no longer wants to be the person everyone expects her to be. Her latest music is an honest portrayal of who she really is, something she claims is the most important thing. 

“For so long, I was looking for other people’s approval. I’ve never allowed myself to be vulnerable before. There’s certain lessons in our lives that we’re going to keep experiencing until we get it right. I’m a rescuer—a terrible rescuer. I want everybody to be good. I want everybody to be happy. Look—some of it’s not going to be okay. Everything’s not going to be good. What is the most important thing? That you’re conscious and aware of yourself.”

Because she wanted to turn over a new leaf, Alicia parted ways with her management, Alicia invited longtime friend Erika Rose onto the team. 

“She asked me if I was ready to make the record I was born to make. She was like, ‘Bob Dylan. Nina Simone. Bob Marley. Marvin Gaye. That type of record.’ We started to get to this place where I was able to verbalize this list of things I wanted to write about. You know all the s–t I’m sick of? I’m sick of the way women are treated in the world. I’m sick of myself. I’m sick of putting myself in this box because I don’t want to say anything that’s going to be taken the wrong way. Every time anyone asks me a question, I have to perfectly craft [my response] so it offends no one. I’m sick of that s–t, too! I’m sick of the way boys can’t paint their nails. I’m sick of the bulls–t stereotyping that we do to people.”

Keys also insists her no-phones policy is the best way for a concert to go. 

“They want to be there with you,” she says, referring to her audience. “You want to be there with them. You’re singing. Every time you say scream, they scream. Their hands are in the air. They’re closing their eyes. They start crying. It’s spiritual! It’s like a church!”

Surprisingly, Alicia Keys doesn’t wish her new son has too many of the same traits that she does. 

“There’s a lot of me I don’t want him to have. And I’m a great person, by the way—I’m amazing, I’m unbelievable!” She says, while laughing. “But I don’t want him to be too accommodating. I don’t want him to be too nice. I want him to be kind. I want him to be genuine. I want him to be truthful. For the longest time, I had to shuffle it in. Wait a minute. Let’s not get too emotional.”

Alicia Keys is set to promote her still-untitled new album tomorrow morning on the TODAY Show. Check out her latest single “In Common” released through RCA Records on iTunes and read the full interview here.