Proof positive that the worldwide quarantine has encouraged many a musician to implement new ideas is Alan Walker‘s alliance with Hans Zimmer as the two world-renowned artists team up to create a stellar remix of the classic cinematic track “Time” complete with accompanying video.

Originally created for the 2010 movie Inception, the soundtrack has been adapted and used in a myriad of ways throughout the past decade but may’ve found its best contemporary application to date. Leading the with the composition’s signature intro, the new recording slowly and expertly transforms the original acoustic piece into a brilliant trance collaboration.

Accompanying the auditory is a fitting video that takes advantage of the world’s, pandemic-related desolate streets. From London to New York and many areas in between, the video view cuts from city to city showing once-bustling streets now barren of life. The clip serves as a hopeful reminder that it’s only a matter of time before things return to normalcy. Watch the visual and listen to the Alan Walker remix of Hans Zimmer’s “Time” below

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Photo: Tore Sætre