Post Malone

$150,000 Can Buy You A Spot On Stage With Post Malone

For those who think they’re hot shots for attending next months Super Bowl there’s another level that costs a mere $150,000 to unlock.

Rock-rapper Post Malone will be the top-liner at the “Bootsy on the Water” pop-up event, a one-night rager in Miami in a custom-built 40,000-square foot tent on the Bay that’ll also feature music from DJs Zack Bia, Lucien, Fred Matters and IRIE with a promise of “special surprises throughout the night” at the event that runs from 10 p.m. thru 4 a.m.

The experience won’t be cheap as a anyone attending the VIP shared lounge tables start at $1,000, with upgrades including a 13-person private yacht with VIP access ($15,000), a bump up to a first-row VIP table for up to 15 guests ($30,000), and a 12-person “helicopter experience” with a first-row table for up to 12 ($65,000). The ultimate flex is an onstage 80-person 125-foot yacht suite that’ll run one party a whopping $150,000.

The show should be a good warm-up for the main event: the halftime performance by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, as well as Super Bowl parties featuring sets from Lady Gaga, Darius RuckerCardi B, Migos, DaBaby, and many more. Watch the “Bootsy” teaser video below.

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