According to a new report, YouTube plays will soon start to count toward Billboard‘s most reputable albums chart.

Starting January 3rd and moving forward, the publication will incorporate YouTube views for the Billboard 200 survey. Music video streams from other services — Apple Music, TIDAL and VEVO — will also be counted for as well.

As the most popular means for consuming music, it only makes sense that YouTube be counted in this capacity. However, factoring in these streams fairly hasn’t come without specific challenges. In order to count, videos must be “official licensed video content uploaded by or on behalf of a rights holder.” User-generated content (i.e. memes, covers and other non-licensed material) will not be included.

YouTube music head Lyor Cohen described this as a “very important moment in making the chart a more accurate representation of what people are listening to.” He added, “Genres like Latin, hip hop and electronic, which consistently dominate the YouTube charts, will now be properly recognised for their popularity.”

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