In another controversial move, media giant YouTube is taking another step to curb what they see as “hateful and violent speech” on its site.

In short, their new terms of service claim they will now take down videos that lob insults at people based on race, gender expression, sexual orientation or other “protected attributes.” The Google-owned company will also prohibit veiled threats of violence, taking a step further into moderating what people can say on the videos they create and upload.

YouTube has been slapped with criticism from politicians, viewers and video creators for the material it allows on — and bans from — the site. One of the biggest controversies unfolded just months ago when Conservative comedian Steven Crowder used terms that referred to Vox commentator Carlos Maza’s sexual orientation that he openly uses to describe himself.

While Crowder’s content has been 100% demonetized (making him unable to receive ad revenue from his videos), Maza has continued his practices and further went on to call for his followers to “Milkshake them all” – asking for people to assault those with differing opinions by throwing frozen beverages at them. This call to action (a violation of the First Amendment) soon resulted in a non-combative reporter, Andy Ngo, being “milkshaked” and beaten to the point of sustaining brain damage, requiring hospitalization and ongoing therapy to help regain the use of his brain. So far, no action has been taken against Maza who also falsely slurs those he disagrees with as “Nazis,” “White Supremacist” and “Alt-Right.”

The new rules that many content creators must now face have massive consequences as they may now face violations, warnings and possible account deletions due to videos that they made in the past, before these current terms of service went into place. Furthermore, referencing the above situation, creators are now challenging how the terms of service will be enforced, as the media company consistently rules in favor of one end of the political spectrum. The rule changes also bring into question multiple genres of music that flippantly use racial or homophobic slurs. Stay tuned as pages start to grapple with the new policies that they may butt heads with.

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