Yellowcard has officially dropped a $15 million copyright lawsuit against Juice WRLD. Filed before the rappers death, it alleged that the hit “Lucid Dreams” had copied significant portions of the band’s song “Holly Wood Died.”

Although the group had previously indicated that they were prepared to go ahead with the case, proceedings were put on hold until Juice WRLD’s estate could name an executor. Eventually, that responsibility went to his mother, Carmela Wallace, who was appointed as representative and defendant in the lawsuit as well.

In a statement, the rock band’s lawyer, Richard Busch, said the decision to retract the lawsuit was Yellowcard’s, though he noted that it was dismissed without prejudice, meaning “it can be refiled.” He continued: “My clients really were uncomfortable about pursuing this action against Juice WRLD’s grieving mother as the representative of his Estate. As they said previously, they also are incredibly sympathetic about his death, and were torn initially about pursuing this in light of his death. As a result of all that has happened, they simply need additional time to decide what they want to do.”

In response, Christine Lepera, an attorney representing Juice WRLD’s estate, said, “Defendants were fully prepared to defend against the allegations – viewed as without merit – and remain so prepared should it become necessary. There was no settlement or consideration whatsoever for Plaintiffs’ voluntary dismissal.”

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Photo: Crazy_Zou