In 1993, Wu-Tang Clan rocked the hip-hop world when they unleashed their seminal debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

With the album’s 25th anniversary coming up, Loud Records co-founder, Steve Rifkind, revealed in a new interview with XXL, that the rap opus will be remade by “nine MCs from today.” Rifkind also revealed that each MC will “play a character in the original 36 Chambers.”

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To add even more to the hype, a “major tour” will also coincide with the forthcoming anniversary release. If that wasn’t enough excitement for you, then here’s more: Rifkind is preparing a project, honoring Big Pun‘s 1998 album, Capital Punishment, for its 20th anniversary.

It’s a big year for old school hip hop and we are definitely excited to see what happens.

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