For those interested in increased self protection in social environments, there’s a new bracelet able to detect a date rape drug. While common compounds like GHB or Rohypnol are colorless, tasteless, and until virtually impossible to detect before feeling the side effects, this wearable device can stop the worst from happening.

The new, recyclable wristband titled “Xantus” offers three main functions: Preventative protection, as offenders will be deterred from slipping something in a drink if someone is wearing the device. It’s also a visual reminder to be careful and aware. And, lastly, it actually detects the most common “date rape” drug, GHB.

A helpful extra is that the Xantus is also party friendly, because it’s impossible to forget when it’s secured on the user’s arm, and it blends in with other wristbands the person may be wearing.

The product’s website describes easy-to-use instructions:

Attach bracelet to wrist
Stir the drink
Dab liquid onto a test area
Wait 2 minutes
In blue – K.O. Drop (GHB) in the drink

For more information, check out the official website here.

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