Wiz Khalifa has taken the cute and cuddly “Closer” and turned it into a weed-centric stoner anthem.

The remix, which he first performed at Okeechobee Festival in Florida earlier this month, leaves the melody and chorus untouched. However, Khalifa, adds his own flavor to the pre-chorus with lyrics like, “Take a joint to the face and we both go far/ Let’s get hi-i-i-gh, can’t stop,” which is quite a departure from the loving atmosphere of the original.

The “Black and Yellow” rapper also replaced Halsey’s verse with his own: “Khalifa, man, fresh off of the plane/ Been smoking so long, I’ve got my own strain,” which is a reference to his line of cannabis that was launched in 2016.

All in all, I think Wiz gave the song a much-needed twist that I look forward to listening to for weeks to come.

Check it out for yourself:

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