Social media was set ablaze last night (9.15) via mentions of Joe Biden and the ultra-popular Latin/Anglo hit “Despacito.” While the combination may seem puzzling at first glance, there’s a good reason why the two were trending together.

Ahead of his speech at a Hispanic Heritage Month event in Orlando, the Democratic Party Presidential nominee walked up to the podium and started playing the memorable Latin song straight from his phone. Although the delivery was awkward, and thus, garnered many negative responses from those on social media, responders failed to notice that Luis Fonsi, the artist who sings “Despacito,” introduced Biden at the event. Watch the moment and read some commentary (below).

In a statement endorsing the 77-year-old, Fonsi added: “It was a real honor for me to introduce vice president Joe Biden tonight,” the Hispanic superstar tweeted in Spanish. “A great leader who has shown his support and admiration for the Latin community and Puerto Rico for many years. It’s time for us to have a president who treats us with the dignity we deserve.” See a picture the two took together below.

Since it’s 2019 release, “Despacito” has become one of the most popular music videos in YouTube history, with nearly 7 billion views … and counting.

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Photo: Phil Roeder