Weezer have shared an accompaniment to their latest song “The End of the Game,” in the form of an online game of the same name.

According to creator Jason Oda, the fittingly-titled 8-bit game that ties in with the band’s upcoming Van Weezer album (out May 15th), is an ode to all boss levels that are notoriously hard to beat. And he specified Street Fighter II, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Punch Out as the games that inspired him.

The gaming experience sees each player get flash-transported through all 100 levels of the platform before facing off against the final boss that takes the form of an alien. While the alien can be beaten, the actual test is to try and cross a booby-trapped, impervious field. Explore the game here and see how you fare against the boss(es).

Thus far, Weezer have only released “The End of the Game” preempting their upcoming album they described as “Like The Blue Album, but with more riffs. Metal, hard-rock riffs. But it’s still pretty catchy pop-rock.” Listen to the song here.

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Photo: Drew de F Fawkes