People often say music connects significantly to the memory, so what if you could connect the memories of your loved ones to your music? A company called Vinyly is making it possible to “live on from beyond the groove!” For the price of $4,300, you can convert the ashes of your loved one into a vinyl record and keep the memory alive.


Digital Music News reports that Vinyly’s UK based service provides you with a one of a kind memory of the deceased. The package includes, “12 minutes of audio per side that can include final words and memories, licensed music, or simple popping and cracking to ‘hear’ the ashes.” The surviving friends and family can watch the staff complete the process of sprinkling the ashes and pressing them into the vinyl.

Jason Leach is the creator behind this rather eerie idea of pressing cremated remains into vinyl. Inspired by his experience with cremation and his family’s history of involvement with funeral services, he founded the group back in the 90’s and has produced other labels since then including Death to Vinyl.

The company approaches the sadness of a deceased loved one with a rather lighthearted motto of “When the album of life finally reaches the end, wouldn’t it be nice to keep that record spinning for eternity?”

Vinyly has been contributing their life-preserving services for years, but with vinyl recently making a comeback in places like the US and the UK, the company may start to make more noise.

They offer a variety of services for ‘your loved one, part of a loved on, or a pet.” Along with adding your selection of licensed music tunes, the jackets can include personal dates from birth and death as well as portrait artwork by James Hague or Paul Insect.

Vinyly also offers funeral services for the grieving family for an additional $14,400.

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