In 2015,  Vinyl LP and EP sales experienced a spike in revenue that was their highest since the 80’s. Most recently we’ve seen a significant increase in the popularity of vinyl and sales have increased by 32% since its previous year. But what’s most impressive is the fact that just this past year, vinyl sales revenue beat out advertising revenue made from streaming services Soundcloud, Youtube, and Spotify combined. According to the RIAA, the latter saw an increase of 31% and reported a sum of $385 million while vinyl edged out the competition with $416 in total revenue–an impressive feat when you consider the fact that streaming is mostly free.

While these figures may not completely rectify the problems the music industry is currently facing, the vinyl boom doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Just as of March 21st of this year, the UK’s second largest supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, is selling vinyl records in their stores for the first time since the 80’s.

Pete Selby, the chain’s head of music and books, states that the resurgence is “not a novelty gifting fad, but a complimentary part of our existing music offer with a long term future in our stores. Vinyl is definitely experiencing a revival with demand growing stronger year on year. It is our aim to make the vinyl experience easy and pleasurable for our customers who are ready to re-engage with a format that resonates with them on an emotional level.”