Vinyl’s revival as a music format is continuing, according to new figures from the British Phonographic Industry.

Over the last decade, sales of vinyl records have increased by an impressive 1,500% and the vinyl industry is soon likely to be worth over $1 billion. If certain predictions are met, vinyl will account for 7% of the total value of all music sales worldwide, helping to slightly offset the decline of CD purchases.

This news comes at a time when record store culture is also enjoying somewhat of a comeback, particularly amongst dance fans who are attracted to the older style of turntablism. This resurgence in record-buying is predicted to see 40 million albums sold by the end of this year alone.

Although the buying of vinyl is seeing a resurgence, the majority of the vinyl that is bought has not been played and is being used more as art. With that said, there are still many people who enjoy the warmth and experience of buying and listening to vinyl records.

This experience is best summed up by Derek Vincent Smith aka Pretty Lights in an episode of “What’s In My Bag?” Check it out below and see how buying and listening to vinyl is its own unique experience.

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