Some industry leaders and consumers are fearing the worst after a fire ravaged a facility crucial to the production of vinyl records.

Confirmed in a post on their website, Apollo Masters Corp., a California-based manufacturing plant that supplies the lacquer used for making master discs, which are then used to create vinyl records, has burned down in a massive fire. The blaze that started on Friday while work was still ongoing did not claim any lives, but did destroy approximately 80% of the global lacquer supply. “Unless something happens really quickly, there will soon be Vinylgeddon,” said Gil Tamazyan.

Apollo Masters is one of just two companies on the planet that provide the vital component of vinyl production and partners within the industry are already voicing their concerns. Duplication, a disc pressing plant, noted that the unplanned shortage of product could result in “plants having to close or scale back operations.” With the whole industry already struggling to keep up with the demand for records, this whole situation will no doubt put unneeded stress on all those involved.

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Photo: BenHoyle442