Country and EDM had long been completely separate until 2013, when Avicii melded the genres into his own sound for the first time on his True album. Now, more music of the same feather will come to light thanks to Country artist Cam‘s upcoming effort.

In an interview with conducted for the ACM Awards, Cam, who had previously worked with Diplo on his country debut, revealed that she and Avicii had actually worked together on the title track from her upcoming album, The Otherside. Although the recording wasn’t finalized prior to Avicii’s tragic passing in 2018, the California native still sought out to complete it and see through her time spent with the late icon.

Speaking on the matter, Cam said, “I got to co-write with Avicii before he passed away on this incredible song that I’m obsessed with. I felt like I had to get this right for his taste, and how much of a perfectionist he was and also just for his family and his legacy. I’m so proud of how it all came together.” The Otherside is slated to drop on October 30th. Check out the track list below.

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Photo: M_Hartman Photography