2019 has been a year of opportunities for Ultra Music Festival with the welcoming of a new venue and fresh tactics to bring in customers, but they may have just hit a bump in the road to future success.

The Rapture Festival, which lived at Virginia Key for two years before being passed over for Ultra, has served the world-renowned gathering with a cease & desist order for actions which “directly interferes with our client’s planned festival time and location” according to their attorney, Paul K. Silverberg.

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Originally, the two-year-old festival posted on Facebook: “Our search for a new location that will allow our original vision to continue has yielded us several amazing locations that we can honestly say are much better than our original home.” That broadcast has since been deleted as the festivities have not found a new spot to take place and organizers blame Ultra for their failure to do so. Miami City Attorney Victoria Mendez and Ultra spokesman Ray Martinez declined to comment on the letter.

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