Following a unanimous vote in September to deny the renewal of Ultra Music Festival’s contract at Bayfront Park, the festival organizers have been searching for a new venue for the festival. Although there was a glimmer of hope to renegotiate a contract, those chances are all but gone.

Miami Herald has revealed that organizers have been in quiet talks with city officials to host the festival March 29th-31st near Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key. In fact, the festival could possibly be held in two areas simultaneously. The proposed spaces are the park next to the Miami Marine Stadium and Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, only about 12 minutes away from Bayfront Park.

While the two spots are open to the idea of hosting a festival, the island where Miami Marine Stadium and Historic Virginia Key Beach Park are found is accessible only by a two-lane bridge with limited parking on-site, creating a logistical situation which would require large amounts of shuttles as well as other alternative transport.

In addition to the new festival venue, the proposed contract for the festival would also include a provision for money for the construction of an African-American Museum at the beach park as Virginia Key had the only local beach that allowed access to African-Americans in the ’40s and ’50s.

The Herald reports that a vote has been tentatively scheduled for November 15th, though City Manager Emilio Gonzalez says the item was only placed on the preliminary agenda due to public noticing requirements. He calls it a “work in progress.”

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