The the original September 20th deadline for TikTok to find an American owner has come and gone yet popular social media app has yet to be banned.

Following Donald Trumps’ previous warning that the Chinese-owned application company posed a security threat to American users, effective 9.20.20 the Commerce Department issued an order preventing downloads of TikTok and the communication app WeChat effective. Both bans have been temporarily lifted, as the president announced that a new deal between TikTok, Oracle, and Walmart had his “blessing” but in related news a California judge blocked his administration’s ban on WeChat, citing a potential First Amendment claim.

Anticipating the potential shutdown, downloads have soared in the days leading up to the supposed action, including WeChat, that has seen a dramatic, week-over-week 800 percent increase. While the apps remain active at press time, stay tuned for more updates on how the U.S. Government is handling the state-side acquisition of these entities.

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Photo: Radek Kucharski