Having teased the song earlier this week, and fans clamoring for more updates on his upcoming album, Troye Sivan gives listeners what they want with a video for his song “Rager Teenager.”

The Universal Music-released recording sees the 25-year-old wistfully recalling his younger days of angst, hormones and bad behavior, making the bold statement “I just want to go wild/ I just wanna f–k s–t up and just ride.” In the one-shot video for his song, audiences see Sivan sitting in an empty bathtub as he sings. While the lyrics and production continue to ramp up, the artist’s face becomes progressively more distorted by way of wavy visual effects yet the clip doesn’t go much further – possibly encapsulating the emotions of someone cooped up in quarantine for a significant period of time.

In advance of his new EP In a Dream due August 21st, Troye Sivan has released several singles, including “Easy” and ‘Take Yourself Home”. Check out his new music video for “Rager Teenager” and get ready for what’s next.

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Photo: Jessie Christiaens