After a long hiatus and two shelved albums, singer-songwriter Mike Posner resurged to the music spotlight with his Hot 100 hit “I Took a Pill in Ibiza“. With the support of a dance remix by Norwegian duo SeeB, the track peaked within the top ten around the world including in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In many territories, the song became Posner’s biggest hit, outperforming his 2010 debut single, “Cooler than Me” – unfortunately tourism officials in Ibiza aren’t too thrilled with Poser’s happy-sad song’s success.

Although the lyrics clearly follow the negative consequences of taking the club drug molly, tourism chiefs in Ibiza are annoyed the Spanish holiday isle is being characterised by such debauchery. “We have invited the author of this song to discover Ibiza because we have much more to offer besides the nightlife which is known worldwide,” tourism director Vicent Ferrer told AFP. “We have museums, beaches, culture, gastronomy. We have a wide offer but unfortunately we have been typecast this way.” He says people who want to take drugs or drink alcohol can be found at “any tourist destination” and he doesn’t think it’s fair for Ibiza to be “pigeonholed”.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Posner came clean with the origins of the chart topping track. “I was working with Avicii in Sweden, and it was ice cold — so when he had a gig in Ibiza, I flew down there. He played a song he had written that week, and people liked it. I’m an artist — I’m insecure and a bit narcissistic, so I’m feeling a little jealous. Then these people recognized me. People don’t usually know who I am, so that felt good. When they were like, “You want one of these?,” and offered me this plastic baggie, I said, “Sure, man.”

Watch Posner perform “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” on Ellen below.

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