With recent developments regarding the TikTok connection with the Communist Party of China, content creators and celebrities alike may lose contact with their fans as the United States Government discusses whether or not to ban the super-successful social media application.

Originally invented in the United States, TikTok was later acquired by Chinese company ByteDance, headquartered in Beijing. According to Chinese law, companies headquartered abroad are subject to having any and all data confiscated by the Asian government thus opening the door for large transfers of American’s data to the Chinese, usually unbeknownst to American citizens using certain apps. “Basically any Chinese technology, if you generate data, and you use Chinese technology, whether it’s Lenovo laptop, a Huawei phone, or a TikTok app, all of that data is at risk of going to the Chinese government,” Roslyn Layton, co-founder of Chinatechthreat.com, said in an interview with Fox News.

During a recent press conference secretary of State Mike Pompeo noted that TikTok is only one of a few companies being looked at right now. “We have been engaged in a constant evaluation, about ensuring that we protect the privacy of American citizens and their information…This doesn’t relate to any one particular business or company, but rather to American national security”.

Should the 300,000,000 person engaged app be banned throughout North America this could have a significant impact on musicians whose songs have taken off on TikTok. Given the immense popularity of streaming platforms, without millions of endusers creating content with music on this app, artists will fail to reap such financial rewards for their work if the Chinese owned company is disengaged in the US.

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Photo: Radek Kucharski