The most high profile acts to ever visit the country, for the first time ever, Tiësto and Mariah Carey recently performed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. While the attendees had a wonderful time, fellow artists and fans are anything but happy about the venue of choice.

The controversy that other artists like David Guetta have been embroiled in comes as a result of the country’s human rights violations. There are multiple reports of cruel and inhumane treatment by the Saudi government including threats to the lives of people fighting for women’s rights. What the critics are wondering, is why these super star artists bring their services to a land that has a track record of abusing its citizens.

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Carey is receiving the brunt of the criticism because she’s a strong female figure and the first woman to take the stage in Saudi Arabia, however, she stands by the decision and sees her appearance as “a positive step towards the dissolution of gender segregation.”

In the midst of this ethical outrage, Saudi Arabia looks to become one of the world’s leading entertainment capitals in 2019, hence the increase of concerts and events across the country. Officials just announced their aim to “usher in a Year of Entertainment in 2019” and become a “top 10 destination for entertainment.”

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