Looks like The Weeknd is really turning his life around. First he cut off his signature hair and now he’s changed up *gulp* his women.

The “Starboy” and Selena Gomez were spotted having a romantic outing at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica on Tuesday evening (Jan. 11). Sure, it’s no surprise that celebrities tend to hang with other celebrities but what made this night out on so different?

They were kissing.

TMZ dropped the grainy photo of the two canoodling on Instagram.

Although People reports that Tesfaye and Gomez dined on pasta and shared the food, Lady and The Tramp style, a source cited the relationship as “new and nothing serious”.

Here’s where it gets weird. Gomez, of course, is reportedly good friends with Gigi Hadid, a.k.a. the sister of Bella Hadid, a.k.a. The Weeknd’s ex.

Seconds anyone?

I must admit, it is a bit awkward to see the emo-dark-alt-R&B singer with a former Disney star. Although, Gomez did date Bieber, so maybe she’s into bad boys.

You know how that old saying goes, opposites attract AND hopefully we’ll get some awesome music out of this.

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