If it weren’t surrounded by bright lights and housed on a Universal back lot stage, the set of Kelly Clarkson‘s new talk show could be the setting for the coolest new bar in Austin, Texas.

The former American Idol winner and singer-turned-TV show personality kicked off her new television show today (September 9th) with the first episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show. With natural, cozy textures, expertly mismatched patterns and funky feel the set’s atmosphere projected a warm and inviting vibe similar to the first-time talk show host herself. “I love talking and I genuinely like people,” Clarkson said in a recent interview.

Taking a cue from Britain’s The Graham Norton Show, the Texas native’s edition features a panel – only hers stresses the mixture of celebrities sitting alongside non-famous faces. “You’ll see like, a librarian sitting next to a celebrity, sitting next to a singer, an actor; it’s different [mixes],” she says. As part of the first telecast, the “Because of You” singer featured one of the biggest names in entertainment – Wayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – who left his honeymoon to fill in for the recently injured Kevin Hart. Check out a clip from the interaction below.


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