The ChainsmokersMemories documentary recently hit YouTube and it’s a must-watch for the dance music community and pop lovers alike.

While some expected the film to be somewhat of a show recap, it’s reads more like a diary straight from Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the duo’s drummer Matt McGuire and others close to the project. From their early days through now, Memories covers a lot of ground in just over an hour.

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As the New York-based duo’s clip reveals, fame was never their goal. Instead, it was to make the best music they could and that endeavor happened to blow up in ways they never could’ve imagined. Years of hard work paid off with a world tour, as they hit up stadiums in major cities across the globe. The pressure was real, the tour prep was insane, and now The Chainsmokers finally get to share their swift rise to superstardom from their own perspective.

Watch the Chainsmokers’ Memories documentary below.

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