The Chainsmokers are taking a step back from EDM bangers on their newest Columbia Records-released track “Kills You Slowly.”

This slow jam sees member Drew Taggart singing unaccompanied about a relationship that is burning to ashes: “Hold it, even though it kills you slowly/Explosions, hidden when we’re in the open/Keep on smiling, until it’s over/Hold it, even though it kills you slowly.” The subtle melody and in-your-face 808 snares in the chorus help to boost the ballad feel.

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Overall, it is one of the slowest and most stripped down songs that The Chainsmokers have ever put out. The recording doesn’t contain crazy sound effects that one may expect from a main stage act, but there’s no denying that this group is forging its own path in the pop/EDM crossover sphere and they’re succeeding.

The New York-based duo will close out Ultra Music Festival this Sunday, March 31st, at 12:30 PM ET. Listen to “Kill You Slowly” below.

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