The sound of constant jumping from the apartment directly above her had become a grim routine for sophomore Carley Carroll, long before the disastrous events of the University of North Texas homecoming game weekend.

“Every weekend a different party,” the student told CBS-11. And during some of those parties, Carroll would watch her ceiling go up and down like a trampoline. Sometimes she would even call police in Denton, Tex., to complain — half-worried that it might collapse. And yet, Carroll said, “It’s one of those things you don’t think is actually going to happen,” but it finally did.

Police estimated that 100 people crammed into the third-story apartment above her that night — which like every unit in the complex was occupied by college students. The party soon started to get out of hand, as the host did not recognize the people entering his apartment.

Thankfully, Carroll was not crushed by her collapsed ceiling as she had fled her apartment before all the destruction commenced.

Still though, many students in the building were left homeless after the destruction as water lines had been damaged.

Thankfully no one was seriously hurt and we can take this as a lesson to not over-pack our parties.

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