China is now cracking down on Taylor Swift fans placing their bets on the singer’s latest relationship with Tom Hiddleston through the website Taobao. Looks like Lady Gaga isn’t the only one getting the blacklist treatment from the country.

Xinhua News reports that wagers, bought and sold in the form of “insurance policies,” were being placed on China’s largest online marketplace Taobao, similar to Amazon. Before, anyone could buy a “policy” on the website, with a minimum bet of ¥1 ($0.15) and no cap on maximum bets. Vendors taking in the purchases all vary, with some promising to pay double handsomely should Taylor break up with Tom.

“If I bought a million, I would make a lot,” one Taobao user said. “These stars break up all the time which gives us the opportunity to earn a lot of money.”

This isn’t the first time Taobao users have betted on celebrity news in the West. Users also ran the gambit of whether or not Katy Perry will win a Grammy in 2017 or if she would last with actor Orlando Bloom. They even went as far as to bet on the results of the next Presidential Election. But despite all the gambling, wagers have apparently been taken off the e-commerce site as of Wednesday.

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