Released at midnight, Taylor Swift‘s Reputation tour documentary is now streaming exclusively on Netflix. The video illuminates the 29-year-old songstress’s power, dedication, and strength as an artist as well as the massive creation that is every one of her concerts.

Filmed on the last night of her massive U.S. tour in Arlington, Texas, the program shows the process of what causes her performances to come alive. From passes of the microphone, to tilted stages and costume changes, the production makes everything look effortless and perfectly choreographed. Even the act of a backup dancer handing Swift a tissue to combat her cold that night seemed on-cue.

The “Shake It Off” singer also highlighted the people who made the concert – and her tour – possible. From her dancers and band, to the parking attendants and people who sold the food, she left no one unacknowledged. The documentary is now streaming on Netflix and is a perfect watch for pre-New Year’s Eve festivities. Watch the captivating trailer below.

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