Taylor Swift‘s mother testified Wednesday that she sees something “horribly wrong” in an image taken during a 2013 pre-concert event that the singer claims shows a radio DJ from Denver groping her.

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“Mom, a guy just grabbed my (rear end) in the meet and greet,” Andrea Swift said her daughter told her. She described her daughter as humiliated.

During the emotional testimony, Andrea Swift gestured at Mueller and said, “He sexually assaulted her. Right there, that guy.”

The DJ in question, David Mueller, who was fired from his job at KYGO-FM, said earlier under oath that the photo of him and Swift appears “weird” and “awkward” but he vehemently denied that he inappropriately touched the pop star during a meet-and-greet.

Mueller testified that his and Swift’s hands and arms touched as they got into position for the photo. Mueller said his hand was in a closed fist and touched what seemed to be her ribs.

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Gabriel McFarland, Mueller’s attorney, said the photo did not show the inappropriate under-skirt touching that Swift has alleged as the skirt which was made of a stiff material was “…not ruffled, rumpled, affected in any form or fashion.”

The whole thing seems to come down to the photo in question, so before jumping to conclusions, maybe we can wait til more information comes out (if there is any).

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