Earlier this month, Taylor Swift debuted a new Apple Music commercial where she was rapping Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” on the treadmill before she face planted on the ground. The hilarious ad ended up skyrocketing the sales of the song through the roof on iTunes.

Today, Taylor and Apple are back at it again today, and in their latest ad, she’s singing Jimmy Eat World’s 2001 song, “The Middle.” “Oh my God. I love this song. I used to listen to this in middle school,” Swift says in a voice-over before applying lipstick and dancing in front of the mirror.

Fun fact: Taylor’s throwback ode to Jimmy Eat World isn’t the first interaction with the band, as she performed “The Middle” with them while she was on tour in 2011. Watch the new Apple spot below, as well as her on-stage collabo with the alt-pop band.

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