As the Super Bowl approaches, companies are ramping up the teasers and anticipation for not only the game but their own television commercials.

Advertisements have long been a part of the big Sunday game, where a significant portion of the audience watches solely for the promotions. This year, many viewers will see their favorite musicians during TV advert game breaks rather than on-stage performances. So far, multiple clips have been pre-released, containing artists Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, Lil Jon, Steve Carell and the Backstreet Boys.

Carell, Cardi and Lil Jon all star in the same video, claiming that Pepsi is better than just a substitute for Coca-Cola with each of the super stars shouting, in their own unique way, that it’s “More than OK” to drink the beverage. Check out the advertisement here

Chance the Rapper collabs with the Backstreet Boys in the re-imagining of their 1999 smash hit “I Want It That Way” to promote the new Flamin’ Hot Doritos. The crew dances together and sings about the snack in full 90’s boy-band fashion. Watch below.

Tune in on Sunday, February 3rd, for the full commercials as well as star-studded pre and half-time game performances before and durby Maroon 5, Travis Scott, Gladys Knight and more.

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