Prom Queen has just released a ‘Stranger Things’ mashup

Stranger Things, the Netflix hit show, took the Sci-fi world by storm with its gripping storyline, nostalgic references, and solid cast. Since the show’s release, fans took to the internet to post their own theories and artwork. Most recently, a superfan took the show’s theme song and created a mashup alongside “Laura Palmer’s Theme” from the Twin Peaks soundtrack.

The fan in question is SoundCloud artist Prom Queen, who claimed he Stranger Things the moment he heard the theme song. In an interview with IndieWire, he explains:

“I fell in love with ‘Stranger Things’ the first time I heard the theme song, and ‘Laura’s Theme’ is my favorite thing to play on any synthesizer. It’s so beautiful.”

The theme is an obvious nod to throwback synthesizer-fueled soundtracks that evokes the spirit of the X Files theme which Prom Queen fits perfectly with the Twin Peaks companion piece. Check out the mashup below.