British grime superstar Stormzy steps up big time with his recent pledge to donate $12,000,000.00 to different equality-related charities over the next ten years.

On Friday (June 12th) the rapper’s Merky brands announced this in its continuing effort to “elevate, support and amplify” the issues and voices of the worldwide black community that it will donate millions to organizations, charities and movements that are committed to combating racial inequality, justice reform and black empowerment in the UK. “The uncomfortable truth that our country continuously fails to recognise and admit, is that black people in the UK have been at a constant disadvantage in every aspect of life – simply due to the colour of our skin,” the 26-year-old lyricist said in a statement.

Stormzy stated that millions like him in the UK have to fight against the odds of a racist system that is stacked against them and “designed for us to fail from before we are even born.” The statement ensures that he and Merky will release additional information on the pledge soon, and urges others to come together and make contributions of their own.

Two years back the London native announced a Stormzy Scholarship that promised to pay tuition fees plus a grant for up to four years of undergraduate studies at Cambridge for two students in 2018 and 2019.

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Photo (Cropped): Frank Schwichtenberg