In tribute to the late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, Steve Aoki released “Darker Than The Light That Never Bleeds,” a.k.a. “Chester Forever Steve Aoki Remix.”

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The song is a mash-up of two Aoki collaborations with Linkin Park, “Darker Than Blood” and “A Light That Never Comes,” from Aoki’s album Neon Future III and the band’s remix album Recharged, respectively.

This ultimate remix mashup is a perfect tribute from Steve Aoki to the man who was his “favorite singer.”

After Bennington’s passing, Aoki opened up about his friend, saying, “It was a tragedy what just happened. I still can’t believe it. Even though it’s been some time, you think, like, oh, no, no, no. I can’t believe we’re already talking about him in the past tense. I’m like, holy shit, he’s fucking gone. I’ve been playing every single day since I heard. When I play the songs that we did together live, that’s the hardest part. You remember the times you worked together, all the different moments. There’s so many different layers: It’s not just like friendship, it’s about the kind of person that he was, what his lyrics mean to the world, how powerful his voice is, and the history of what it’s meant to me, even before I even met Chester.”

Proceeds from sales and streams of the song will be donated to Music for Relief, a nonprofit organization founded by the band.

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