SQUNTO has officially retired from DJ’ing following his special farewell MegaChop Tour performance in Atlanta on Saturday, December 21st.

The artist and DJ who climbed to success via viral videos of him “chopping” dubstep confirmed the reason for his premature retirement in an October interview: “Many people don’t realize how important ‘the cycle’ is. That is: play this tour to build your profile for festival season, hit all the big festivals to build your profile for your next tour, etc. People always say ‘well why don’t you just take a break?’ It really doesn’t work like that.”


In addition to the burnout factors that he and others have been facing lately, Squnto was also at the center of a scandal that saw his private communications exposed on Twitter where he disrespected fans, claiming that his efforts were only made in the interest of earning their money.

Born Eric Hunter, the dubstep sensation will no longer be touring and recently posted about not being involved in the genre, but promised to put out new music at his own pace. Watch this space for updates on what will become of Squnto.

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