Spotify has predicted this year’s hottest Summer song

The results are in and Spotify has predicted this year’s hottest Summer song. The competition is tight as the streaming service made a number of predictions on Thursday, taking into consideration the songs with the most streams and highest social media metrics. Speaking to Refinery29, Spotify trends expert Shannon Cook states that: “It’s always fun to make predictions, and every summer we notice there’s a song that our listeners stream way more than others.

But it was what Cook said next that really got everyone listening: “We also have access to data that sometimes points to a song’s future success.”

It’s no secret that recent developments in technology has made analytic tech companies such as Next Big Sound the “Money Ball” of music, and now Spotify seems to be taking a nod from them. Recently, the Swedish-based company has released a list of 10 future hits for the summer, which includes a string of notable artists such as Desiigner, The Chainsmokers, and Jason Derulo, but what we want to know is which song won out?

And now the verdict: “Ariana Grande is immensely popular with our listeners, and her song ‘Into You’ is really starting to build, so we think it has a good shot of coming out ahead.”

Recently Spotify has struck a deal with Dubset which will allow its members access to select, licensed DJ sets and remixes on their streaming platform. Dubset CEO Stephen White announced the partnership The International Music Summit in Ibiza. The company uses sophisticated technology to license and fingerprint DJ mixes in order to identify the appropriate rights holders in order to distribute rightful royalties. The mashup is just one in a series of agreements made earlier this year, which also includes Soundcloud’s partnership with the Big Three and Apple’s partnership with Dubset.

It’s only the beginning of June and Summer is just in its infancy. As such, there’s plenty of time to relax and chill out. Check out the Spotify’s top ten list of Summer songs here and be sure to let us know your favorite hits for the season.