Spotify is drawing heat from artists and music executives for an ad campaign that urges listeners to “dance like nobody’s paying,” a pitch for its free 30-day Premium trial.

Subsequent to seeing postings for the offering, musician Blake Morgan took to Twitter to voice his opinion: “Keep in mind that it takes 380,000 streams a month on @Spotify for an artist to earn minimum wage. Meanwhile, the average @Spotify employee earns $14,000 a month. Nobody’s paying? We musicians are, with our lives.” See the post below.

Amy Gardner, Executive VP of press and media relations at ECR Music Group, also weighed in. “WTF @spotify!?!” she tweeted. “How did anyone in your company think this was a good idea?? #FAIL.” Recently, the streaming giant also faced criticism for its appeal of the Copyright Royalty Board’s rate determination, which would force the boosting of digital services’ payments to songwriters and publishers.

On a lighter note, the streaming giant unveiled a less controversial global ad campaign earlier this summer centered on memes.

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