For those who’ve ever had the lyrics of a song stuck in their head but couldn’t remember anything else, Spotify has them covered as users are now able to search songs by words with the streaming giant’s latest tech update.

Announced via twitter with a screenshot of the new function, Spotify users can now type words into the search bar and look for the “lyrics match” label in the results. While this tool may seem new to users of this platform, the lyric search option is not new to Apple Music who put the option into play in 2018.

Along with the above lyrics-related feature Spotify recently introduced real-time lyrics provided by Musixmatch to 26 markets back in June. Also a catch-up feature to Apple Music, who added real-time lyrics alongside the release of iOS 13 on 2019, here’s a quick look at the newest Spotify feature.

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Photo: Sorosh Tavakoli