With less than two months until the upcoming Presidential election, a cross section of companies are ramping up efforts to encourage people to vote, including SoundCloud that just launched the “Turn Up the Vote” initiative.

In partnership with the non-profit voter registration organization, HeadCount, Turn Up the Vote is Soundcloud’s self-described first “nonpartisan, pro-democracy” undertaking that targets the platform’s extensive American audience. The initiative’s homepage, which can be found here, walks voters through their respective state’s voter registration process from which users will be able to vote on November 3rd for Presidency of the United States.

With the music streaming platforms massive youth database of more than 76 million Generation Z individuals, this campaign is a timely way to get first-time voters ready for this year’s election. Soundcloud joins the ranks of Atlantic Records, Sony Music Group, Spotify and more and the ads will go live in October.


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Photo: bulmaronoguera